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End of Semester Message from Dr. Yang

YMAA Retreat Center Year 6 Collage

"We just wrapped up our 6th year at the YMAA Retreat Center. This year's training has been the most productive and smoothest of all the years so far. The new group of students who joined us last fall are full of promise, heart, and spirit. Together with the old group, I am confident that all students will be able to reach their training goals in the years to follow. Congratulations to all students for their hard work and dedication this year ..."

Wrapping Up Spring 2014

We're wrapping up the Spring 2014 semester in full gear! Meanwhile, here's a recent interview we did with Charles. :)

Meditation Chimes

Download meditation chime MP3 files for free! This has been a popular request by many visitors of the center. We recorded these awhile back and edited it together into MP3 files. Click Read More for details.

New Student Profiles Posted

Profiles for new students of the 5-Year Program have been posted. Check them out on the Student Profiles page.

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