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Meditation Chimes

Download meditation chime MP3 files for free! This has been a popular request by many visitors of the center. We recorded these awhile back and edited it together into MP3 files. Click Read More for details.

New Student Profiles Posted

Profiles for new students of the 5-Year Program have been posted. Check them out on the Student Profiles page.

5-Year Program Students Finalized

The 5-Year Program students have been selected! We are excited about the new group and looking forward to their start in September. From 28 interested applicants to 10 finalists, the final selection of six students is:

  1. Enrico Tomei (Italy)
  2. Javier Chadud (Chile)
  3. Kyle Olsen (USA)
  4. Michelle Lin (USA)
  5. Nathan Rosen (France)
  6. Quentin Lopes (USA)

Happy 30th Anniversary YMAA!

Join us in celebrating YMAA's 30th anniversary! Read messages from Dr. Yang and YMAA President, Nicholas Yang on this page here.

You can also leave a message for Dr. Yang on the Facebook fan page here.

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