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Seeking Funds for Construction of New Training Area

We need your help and support for the construction of this new training area! We are now starting a fundraising campaign for the construction of a new semi-enclosed training area. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by June 1st, 2009 to build a 50' x 30' covered training platform. It will include a 12' x 30' area with a set of ten punching bags arranged in different ways for specific types of training. This new facility will enable the disciples and seminar participants to train uninterrupted during rainy weather or when shade is needed. Please use the PayPal link to help us reach our goal!

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Training Equipment Renovated

The disciples have renovated outdoor training equipment at the YMAA Retreat Center with the help of Farai Muchenji. Thanks to the help of Farai Muchenji, a Taijiquan practitioner and visitor at the YMAA Retreat Center, the disciples have rebuilt much of their outdoor training equipment. These structures include pull-up bars, dip bars, and outdoor rope gyms. Most of them are intended to condition arm and upper body strength.

Farai is an experienced artist, who has a passion for creating and building things. He came to the Retreat Center to focus on training Pushing Hands, but while there, he also joined the disciples in some of the body conditioning drills. After seeing the structures that were initially constructed, he decided to contribute some material and guidance to helping renovate each of the training stations, making them more stable, safe, and permanent.

Good Luck and Farewell to Mike

Mike DiMeglio has decided to leave the Retreat Center. Mike DiMeglio has decided to relinquish his position as a disciple at the YMAA Retreat Center and return home. It is a decision that he came to after much pondering, discussion, and deep thought over the past few months. Although he will not be completing the 10-year training program, he believes his experience over the past year has helped him get to a much better place in his life. Describing it as an increase in consciousness and discovery of who he truly is, Mike is departing the Retreat Center with confidence and clarity. We are happy to see that Mike has benefited from his training experience, but we're sorry to see him go.

First Retreat Center Promo Video

Craig Atkinson, Rii Kanzaki, and the YMAA Retreat Center disciples have worked hard together on completing their first documentary promo video of the YMAA Retreat Center. This short video provides a glimpse into the short history so far of the Retreat Center -- its conceptualization, development, growth, and realization. It also gives some insight into the rigorous training schedule and daily routines of Dr. Yang and the 5 disciples. We remain commited to the traditional Chinese arts and look forward to our continued progress and advancement over the next 10 years.

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