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Needle Through Brick - Kung Fu Documentary

This is an amazing documentary on the struggles of Chinese Martial Arts in the 21st century. It echoes many of the struggles, hardships, and experiences that YMAA has undergone for almost 30 years, and it also shows exactly why Dr. Yang chose to build the YMAA Retreat Center and begin perhaps the most ambitious 10-year martial arts training program of modern day.

Filmed in Malaysia, the film contains interviews with several traditional masters as well as some insight into the decline of traditional training. It also includes some history of how Modern Wushu developed in China, and how Wushu differs from Traditional Kung Fu.

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Retreat Center Disciples to Compete in Tournament

Several of the YMAA Retreat Center disciples will be competing in Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine's martial arts tournament on June 12, 2010.

Javier will be competing in Taijiquan and Taiji Pushing Hands. Santiago will be competing in Traditional Northern Fist. Jonathan will be competing in Traditional Northern Fist, Traditional Southern Fist, Traditional Short Weapons, Traditional Long Weapons, Taijiquan, and Taiji Short Weapons.

Jonathan and Santiago trained for several years at the YMAA branch in Andover, MA prior to starting at the Retreat Center. As such, they will be able to compete in several events and are at a decent level of caliber. Javier will be competing in just Taijiquan this time because most of his training so far has been in body conditioning and internal arts. Justin Bowman, who has been helping with some of the video shoots and operations at the Retreat Center, may also join Jonathan, Santi, and Javier on this trip, possibly to also compete in Pushing Hands.

Master Kao's Visit to the USA

YMAA Taijiquan grandmaster, Master Kao, Tao, travelled to the United States this past May 2010 to visit Dr. Yang and the students at the Retreat Center, and to teach seminars in Qigong health and longevity in Boston and Memphis. At 78 years old, Master Kao is surprisingly fit, energetic, and seemingly always the most spirited person in the room. He spent a relaxing week at the Retreat Center, teaching Qigong exercises to the disciples daily.

Master Kao taught the six Qigong healing sounds, discussed Taijiquan principles, and helped the disciples with their Chinese language studies. While at the Retreat Center, Master Kao was interviewed by Craig Atkinson, a New-York based filmmaker who has been diligently documenting the 10-year training program thus far, since 2007. Master Kao was also filmed for an instructional DVD demonstrating Qigong for Longevity, directed by David Silver and planned for release in 2011.

Demo for Grandmaster Kao, Tao

The disciples held a demonstration for Grandmaster Kao, Tao at the Retreat Center on his recent visit there this past May.

We are wrapping up our second year in the 10-year training program. The students have been making leaps and bounds, building a solid training foundation that will help them excel for the following 8 years of practice.

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