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Video of Demo at South Fork High

The disciples were invited to demonstrate at their local high school in Miranda, CA. We hope to set up a club at the South Fork High School and create friendly relations with the community.

Jonathan Chang and Patrick Manriquez have made significant progress in their training, especially in speed, power, and accuracy. Zach Cohen, Javier Rodriguez, and Jacyhm Jerie, who are all a part of the second generation of disciples, have demonstrated much improvement since beginning the program only 6 months ago.

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Dr. Yang Featured in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is featured on the cover of the March 2010 issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, on newsstands Feb 2nd.

This Chinese New Year issue has an emphasis on preserving traditional Kung Fu and an article by disciple Jon Chang about increasing your speed in your training. The magazine has been a great supporter of the YMAA Retreat Center, featuring several articles about the Retreat Center's mission and training articles written by the Retreat Center disciples.

A big thanks to Gene Ching, Gigi Oh, and everyone at Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. You guys are great! ^_^

YMAA Retreat Center in the Redwood Times

Virginia Graziani recently wrote an article that was published in the January 27, 2010 issue of the Redwood Times.

After visiting the center and interviewing Dr. Yang and the disciples, Graziani wrote a very complete and insightful article about the history and realization of the YMAA Retreat Center.

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YMAA Retreat Video - Year 2 Semester 1

The disciples have made significant progress in their training, 1.5 years into their 10-year training program. New on-board this year are Zach Cohen and Javier Rodriguez. 加油!

The practice for this semester included continued practice for tumbling and gymnastics, White Crane Jin training, rope climbing, 4-corners reaction training, jumping, Pushing Hands, and of course, body conditioning.

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