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A Journey to Preserve Traditional Chinese Arts, Meditation, and Healing

Stage 1: Written Application

Do you have what it takes to train Kung Fu everyday for the next 5 years?

Since the public announcement of the unprecedented 10-year training program at the YMAA Retreat Center was published in the Boston Globe in August 2005, individuals from around the world have contacted Dr. Yang to apply for this opportunity to study Kung Fu, Tai Chi, meditation, healing, and more. The interview and application process for this program is mentally and physically rigorous. Ultimately, only the most exceptional candidates will be selected.

Applications are now open for the 5-year training program, which will begin in September 2013 and finish at the same time as the 10-year program in June 2018. Apply now for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train directly under a world renowned martial arts master. Do you want to develop physical strength and skills in an exclusive environment and class with like-minded students? Are you interested in understanding how martial artists in ancient times were able to develop seemingly superhuman explosive power through Qigong training? Would you like to learn how to find balance and harmony within yourself using the techniques of meditation and the internal arts? You will train yourself to strengthen your mind and body, to understand and help yourself so that you may understand and help others.

The written application important for us to learn about your training background, knowledge, and life history. It is an opportunity to express and your personality, but at the same time, the applications allows you to exhibit your true intentions of training at the center.

Please read the questions carefully and think thoroughly about your answers before writing them.

Please mail the application directly to the YMAA Retreat Center, not to the YMAA office in Boston! Address your application as follows:

YMAA Retreat Center
ATTN: Student Application
P.O. Box 290
Miranda, CA 95553