Taiwan Tour Eventful and Successful

Dr. Yang and the YMAA team met with Dr. Yang's old classmates, Grandmaster Kao, and Grandmaster Gseng's family The YMAA team finished the 2008 World Tai Chi Chuan Championship in Taipei, Taiwan winning medals in several events including Taijiquan, Taiji Sword, and Taiji Broadsword. Amongst the team members were 2 candidates from the Retreat Center, Jonathan Chang and Patrick Manriquez. Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming also reunited with his long lost Taijiquan master: Grandmaster Kao, Tao. At 77 years old, Grandmaster Kao had the same (if not more!) spirit, energy, and liveliness of the rest of the YMAA team. His health is an excellent example of the highly-effective benefits of diligent, dedicated Taijiquan and Qigong practice.

YMAA students from 5 different countries attended this trip and competition: U.S.A, Portugal, France, South Africa, and England. YMAA Branch School directors Pascal Plee (France), Corlius Birkill (South Africa), Olivier Pardo (England), Milan Vigil (Memphis, U.S.A.), and Nicholas Yang (Boston, U.S.A.) were amongst the attendees.

It has been over 50 years since Dr. Yang first trained White Crane with Grandmaster Gseng It has been over 50 years since Dr. Yang first began his study of White Crane under Grandmaster Gseng, Gin-Gsao in Hsinchu. Since then, Dr. Yang has embarked on a lifelong journey of training martial arts, Qigong, and Taijiquan, towards bettering the health and lives of people by educating them about Chinese internal and external arts.

The team spent one day in Hsinchu, visiting Grandmaster Gseng's son and family. Together they paid respects at Grandmaster Gseng's tomb. YMAA also went to the old White Crane practice grounds and listened to many recounts of stories from Dr. Yang's old training days.

Part of the day-long trip were stops at the General Guan temple, and Cheng Huang Temple, where there were many opportunities to experience local eats at food stops and eateries.

great post

great post

Even I didn't meet you guys

Even I didn't meet you guys personally, I had the chance to see Dr. Yang perform and chat a bit with him.

As in my younger years, no 10 year retreats were available, I had to come and live and train in Taiwan. Still, I have a fulltime job here, so practicing time is always not enough, but of course I found lots of great teachers, train with 6 masters in different disciplines, more or less regualarily.

Hope you guys know what kind a chance you got. So, train hard, with perseverance! Best of luck!

Grets from southern Taiwan!


Thanks a lot to came in our tournament. It was really great! Hope to see you in 2 years in Taiwan!!!

congratulations everybody!

yay! let's do this again sometime ;)

congrats to Jonathan!!

Nice to see a YMAA Andover student do so well. Congratulation Jonathan and all YMAA students.

Taiwan trip

The trip was a real blast. Going to Asia and visiting a country that I've never been to was very exciting. Seeing Taiwan through Dr. Yang's stories as we walked and drove around the country was very moving. It afforded me a stronger connection to YMAA's history than I had previously. Meeting Master Gao and hearing his perspective on the art was great. His energy and openness with this group of people from all around the world was inspiring. Taipei is a mix of the familiar and the strange and well worth visiting. Taking part in the tournament was interesting. I learned a lot (got my butt kicked) and found many areas for personal improvement.
I hope I can go again in 2010.

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