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2016 March Taiwan Trip

Dr. Yang, students, and friends will be visiting Taiwan from March 4-13, 2016 to celebrate Grandmaster Li, Mao-Ching's 90th birthday and to do a brief sightseeing tour of Eastern and Southwest Taiwan. Everybody is invited, but space is limited! Please click the button below for more information:

2015 Seminars Finish, Fall Semester Begins

This year's summer seminars were very eventful, good people and good training. We are already receiving reservations for next year and anticipate another great summer next year! If you are interested in participating in the upcoming 2016 Summer Seminars, please register ASAP.

This semester, the first applicants of the 3-Year Taijiquan Program will begin visiting to fulfill their Trial Training period requirement. It will be a great pleasure to meet everybody.

Applications are still open for the 3-Year Program. If you would like join our full-time Taijiquan & Qigong program, please submit your application by the end of the year. Please see the PDF application.

Application Now Available for the 3-Year Full-Time Program

The application for the 3-Year Full-Time Program in Taijiquan & Qigong is now available Get started today! Click below:

New 3-Year Full-Time Program

Dear Friends,

Many have asked and shown great interest in joining the full-time program, so I am happy to announce that we will be opening applications this March for a 3-year Full-Time Training Program. Applications will be due by December 15th, 2015. The program will take place from September 1st, 2016 - June 30th, 2019. Of the applications received, we will accept only 6 students. We hope that the shorter 3-year timespan will make it easier for prospective applicants to make such a big commitment. As we have seen, it is not a commitment that is so easily fulfilled. However, the shorter time also means that not all training topics will be covered, and not all students will necessarily achieve a certifiable level. The focus of this new 3-year program will be Taijiquan. Students may join some of the Shaolin training as well, but the goal will be to complete the full Taijiquan curriculum by the end of June 2019. As before, there will be a mandatory trial period (between 2 weeks - 1 month) in addition to the written application.

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