A Vision for the Future

Vision for the future

Over the last 40 years, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming has taught the benefits of Chinese culture and popularized traditional martial arts throughout the world. Now, his new mission is to build on that foundation to ensure future preservation and development of the arts.

The unique and precious arts of ancient Chinese culture are all but lost in contemporary China, and only a fraction of their complete depth has been transmitted to recent generations.

In order to preserve the arts to a deep, refined level, it is necessary to create an environment similar to that of ancient times, an environment without the distracting elements of modern day lifestyles. Living simply and training everyday with Dr. Yang and additional instructors, students will be able to achieve a high level of quality in their training in the same way martial artists did in ancient times. The Retreat Center will become a leading institution in the worldwide martial arts community, offering a peaceful haven for the advanced training of meditation, internal cultivation, and all aspects of Chinese martial arts and culture for generations to come.

If this traditional training is not passed from master to student at the highest quality possible, the arts will continue to degrade from generation to generation until the true essence is truly lost.

YMAA Mission Statement

YMAA seeks to preserve, develop, and refine traditional Gongfu, Taijiquan, and Qigong to an exceptionally high standard through an international, mutually-supportive community and network. We openly welcome, teach, learn from, and support all who share their knowledge about any related external or internal art. Our goal is to educate the world about this piece of culture, its history, and the YMAA training philosophy. At YMAA, our vision is to use Chinese culture and martial arts training to foster a global nation of like-minded people who help each other achieve their goals.

We aim to build students' confidence, physical health, mental focus, and self-discipline. YMAA provides an environment for students to succeed through a supportive yet demanding training program. Our school promotes traditional methods of practice, challenging ourselves and each other physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We encourage creativity, attention to detail, and correctness in the arts. Throughout our training, we strive to embody martial morality: humility, respect, righteousness, trust, loyalty, will, endurance, patience, perseverance, and courage.